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Redneck Adventures is all about getting into the outdoors to help showcase, inspire, and entertain those who may need a little extra help doing so. Redneck Adventures is all about helping those who may not be able to experience the wonder and glory of the outdoors, do just that! From cancer patients, to children from broken homes, to soldiers suffering from PTSD! Through our connections with great organizations such as Home With Heroes, we help bring fun, inspiration, and learning into people from all walks of life. From teaching, coaching, mentoring, and more; our goal is to bring a total understanding of what God’s great outdoors can be to all people.

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Recently, we’ve been doing a lot more clips, rather than full episodes. Instead of the traditional 22-minute format, throughout the week we upload clips ranging from 2-10 minutes. We produce both edited compilations and uncut outdoor-life “blog-style” videos as well.

Full length episodes ARE still produced, just no longer weekly. There is currently no set schedule for when we produce or release full episodes, so the best way to keep up with new episodes and clips is to subscribe to our YouTube channel, or keep an eye on our Facebook page, or just check in here at the website every now and then.

Check our Facebook for our shorter-form clips, as well as the weekly adventures we put out! We try to upload everything we do to Facebook if possible.

Check our YouTube for older archived episodes, and new full-length episodes.

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