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Redneck Adventures is all about getting into the outdoors to help showcase, inspire, and entertain those who may need a little extra help doing so. Redneck Adventures is all about helping those who may not be able to experience the wonder and glory of the outdoors, do just that! From cancer patients, to children from broken homes, to soldiers suffering from PTSD! Through our connections with great organizations such as Home With Heroes, we help bring fun, inspiration, and learning into people from all walks of life. From teaching, coaching, mentoring, and more; our goal is to bring a total understanding of what God’s great outdoors can be to all people.

About Us

About Jimmy Allgood

I was born to an awesome set of loving Parents in Natchez, MS on June 26, 1964. I was brought up the best a kid could ask for; in that we hunted and fished and had family friends growing up from South Louisiana. This mixture of being raised “Redneck Rite” (and with a twist of Cajun upbringing) has given me life lessons from my Mom (God rest her soul), my dad, and family friends, to treat folks better than you would like to be treated yourself. I grew up in a family business and being coached by my father and other coaches along the way in many different sports, I find myself today coaching kids in Soccer ,Golf ,Tennis and of course taking kids and adults from all walks of life outdoors to pass on the life lessons I learned in my early years. So when you see me laugh or high five someone on TV along with what we are doing many times, it’s just who I AM!!!

Way Of Life

At Redneck Adventures, we live life to the fullest every day. Our top priority is promoting a great way of life to people from all walks of life. From hunting, fishing, and camping, to front porch swinging and sweet tea drinking! And after a hard day or week of work, family, friends, and all walks of life come together to enjoy our Redneck Adventures way of life. What is the main you thing you should know about the “redneck” way of life? We’ve been taught that God comes first, family comes second, and that “Yes Ma’am and No Sir” is just the way things are done.

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